David Knight - 1st Sept 2016

If you've not seen this before - and its been out for a few months - then you really should. It's a beautiful example of rotoscoping, with footage of two dancers, Althea Corlett and Simone Schmidt, transformed into of approximately 1250 paintings on paper.

The video, for German composer Ralf Hildenbeutel was directed by Boris Seewald - and involved a few more of Seewalds as animators. In some ways reminiscent of Chris Milk's epic Johnny Cash Project, and entirely lovely.


DirectorBoris Seewald
AnimatorMiwha Seewald
AnimatorBoris Seewald
AnimatorMina Suri Seewald
DancerAlthea Corlett
DancerSimone Schmidt
PhotographerGeorg Simbeni
Production CompanySeewald & Hanna
LabelRebecca & Nathan

David Knight - 1st Sept 2016

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