David Knight - 30th Aug 2016

After the knockabout, boxing match fun of Midnight Heart, San Franciscan rapper and slam poet George Watsky swiftly resumes his collaborating with Carlos Lopez Estrada, and the video for Brave New World is a corker. 

You know those cutout paper dolls you can dress up? There's quite a good paper doll book for Taylor Swift, in fact, but luckily these guys have appropriated the idea for a video before Swifty did. Watsky becomes the human doll, with different costumes and mind-boggling clothes combos falling on him then flying off every couple of seconds.

The speed of change and variety of costumes is mind-boggling, which makes it a must for repeated viewings. Less obvious is the VFX that makes clothes fly on and fly off Watksy's body - that must have taken ages and its achieved brilliantly. Great stuff.


DirectorCarlos Lopez Estrada
ProducerKimberly Stuckwisch
ProducerCorinna Martinez
Director of PhotographyAlbert Salas
EditorTaylor Brusky
VFXJordan Allen
Production designerFernanda Guerrero
Additional VFXTim Hendrix
Additional VFXAndres Jaramillo
Additional VFXDerek King
Additional VFXRyan Ross
Additional VFXTanner Merrill
Additional PhotographyAlonso Mejia
Hair & Make-upSandra Miguelli
WardrobeFernanda Vélez
SoundMichael O'Connor
Production CompanyDiktator
Production CompanyContenido Neto

David Knight - 30th Aug 2016

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