Luke Bather - 11th Aug 2016

Carlos Lopez Estrada astounds again with some knockout fight night choreography.

It takes a hell of a lot of effort to choreograph a dance, just as it does to choreograph a fight. To choreograph both simultaneously so that they weave in and out of one another is truly some next level work.

Carlos' video for Watsky combines these disciplines with some great rhythmic timing, both from an edit and story standpoint and douses the whole thing with heaps of attitude. It's a dreamlike boxing match ballet than manages to be dizzying, cartoonish and theatrical all whilst still being coolly menacing.


DirectorCarlos Lopez Estrada
ProducerKimberly Stuckwisch
ProducerCorinna Martinez
Production CompanyContenido Neto
Production CompanyDiktator
Director of PhotographyAlbert Salas
Art DirectorFernanda Guerrero
EditorCarlos Lopez Estrada
VFXJordan Allen
Lead actorGeorge Watsky (blue Boxer), Matty Peacock (red Boxer), Jillian Meyers (referee)
Lead actorMal Devisa (featured Artist).
Director's Rep (UK)Martin Roker at Black Dog Films
Other creditsChoreographed By Jillian Meyers Sound: Michael O'Connor

Luke Bather - 11th Aug 2016

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