Cat Velez - 5th Aug 2016

Montreal singer Charlotte Cardin has paired up with DP-turned-director Kristof Brandl for this gorgeous portrait of a tumultuous relationship. 

The passion-filled romance between the singer and artist Husser plays out in cinematic style, with the pair hooking up, fighting, breaking up and making up in quick succession. Beautifully shot by Christophe Collette, the video offers an impressive variety photographic textures, with the couple in motels, outdoor locations and intimate bedroom scenes captured in colour and monochromatic footage. And there's some stunning still photography by John Londono.

And although there is only a hint of a narrative, the action-packed video keeps you interested all the way to the end. 


DirectorKristof Brandl
Executive ProducerVlad Cojocaru
Executive ProducerJakob Preischl
Production ManagerAlexandre Auray
Director of PhotographyChristophe Collette
PhotographerJohn Londono
1st ACMartin Lebel
2nd ACMathilde Savard
LoaderLylia Bahri
GafferJacques Girard
GripDustan Mcbain
GripCody Larocque
ElectricianDaniel H-T
Art DirectorMaxime Normand
Production AssistantStefan Petrisor
Production AssistantAlexandru Ioan Negru
Post production companyMels
Sound designJean-David Perron
Other credits16mm camera: John Londono, Jakob Preischl Actors: Husser, Charlotte Cardin, Jorge Camarotti

Cat Velez - 5th Aug 2016

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