David Knight - 11th July 2016

It had to happen eventually. And how else to do you make the greatest poem in the English language relevant to the kids in this post-literature age? 

Young director Najeeb Tarazi, who has worked for the likes of Pixar, has now turned the still hard-to-beat storyline of Paradise Lost into a 16-bit video game, for Delta Heavy's White Flag. Undoubtedly inspired by the fact its also the name of the DJ-producer duo's debut album, Tarazi manages to get through a couple of books of Milton's epic verse, dealing with Satan's fall, his attempt to pardoned by the Big Guy (rebuffed), and then his Revenge.

It's very nicely done, and will probably make it on to the A-level syllabus in a couple of years...

PRO Credits


DirectorNajeeb Tarazi
ProducerNajeeb Tarazi
Production CompanyBond Productions
EditorNajeeb Tarazi
Director's RepresentationLas Bandas Be Brave
CommissionerFaye Hunter
LabelRam Records
Other creditsCharacters: Paul Robertson Backgrounds: Bradford D. Smith II FX: Alexis Morille Additional Backgrounds: Daniel Reis

David Knight - 11th July 2016

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