Luke Bather - 30th June 2016

French directing duo Parachutes prove their VFX worth once again with this great infinite loop video for Yuksek.

After last year's success with the video for Maestro's Darlin' Celsa, the team have upped their VFX game to deliver this great concept - a gif-like studio environment where the short loops have a material consequence.

Objects self-replicate and never get cleaned up, rooms fill with smoke and nobody can escape it. Except we seem to be following one character who is outside the prison of this infinite loop. Or is he? A very clever and well executed piece of visual fun.


"When the idea for this music video was first brought to us, we were asked to come up with a concept using gifs. We tried to bring something different to the table, since music videos based around gifs have been done before. All the characters in the video are trapped in an infinite loop (like a gif) but their endlessly repeated actions end up having unintended consequences."


Director of PhotographyNathaniel Aron
Production CompanyTroopers Films
Production CompanySlowdance
Executive ProducerAmandine Le Drappier
Post production companyMathematic

Luke Bather - 30th June 2016

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