Cat Velez - 22nd June 2016

Make sure you full-screen this one! Animator and director Gemma Yin Taylor has created some awesome, raw visuals in this high-powered video for Vant's Karma Seeker. 

Combining pattern, text and photography, the video's visual style was influenced by the cut-and-paste aesthetic of homemade music fanzines of the 80's and 90's. The video was created using rostrum camera stop-motion and doesn't rely on digital post-production effects, with each of its 2,700 frames created by hand using collage and illustration techniques.

Designed to have a schizophrenic feel, the performance builds up from a more spacious monochrome look to an ultra-layered, frenzied madness in it's darker scenes. 

PRO Credits


DirectorGemma Yin
ProducerSimon Oxley
Production CompanyGreatcoat Films
Production ManagerStephanie Paeplow
1st ADLina Remeikaite
Director of PhotographyPaul Mackay
Focus PullerDaniel Kolditz
2nd ACCatalina Velez
GafferNathan Matthews
WardrobeNazanin Shahnavaz
HairIssac Poleon
EditorGemma Yin
VFXGemma Yin
CommissionerAndrew Law
AnimationGemma Yin
Production AssistantPrecious Mahaga
Animation AssistantJenny Lundmark
Animation AssistantSophie Charles
Animation AssistantJen Lee
Other creditsRunner: Tiago Petrica Catering: Scott Patterson INTERN: Vi Tatran

Cat Velez - 22nd June 2016

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