Luke Bather - 2nd June 2016

Can Evgin gives a contemporary look and feel to this infectious Paul McCartney remix - dancing 1985 right into 2016.

This video - shot by Jake Scott, choreographed by Aaron Sillis – provides the perfect blend of Colour, Choreography and Cool to this incredibly catchy track. A pair of dancers intertwine with one another through washes of neon colours, all whilst '70s-vintage Macca croons away on a set of TVs.

It's a stylishly executed video that allows both Paul's archival performance and the new track itself to shine, complimented by the great neon-clad set design and minimal simplicity of the costuming. The two contrasting pieces of footage glitch and intertwine - becoming one.


DirectorCan Evgin
ProducerEvonne O’Rourke
Production CompanyWanda Productions
Director of PhotographyJake Scott
1st ADKerry Green
SteadicamRichard J Lewis
Head of Music VideoChris Abitbol
Project ManagerAntony Price
Production ManagerRosa Rooney
Focus PullerHopi Demattio
Clapper LoaderAnastasia Romanchuka
DITMichael McDuffie
GafferSteve Finberg
Art DirectorFrancesca Di Mottola
Make-upDorita Nissen
HairRegina Messen
ChoreographerAaron Sillis
EditorJulia Knight
Other creditsCREATIVE AGENCY: Anomalous Visuals PRODUCTION RUNNER: Joe Trodd RUNNER: Billy Craigan CCTV OP: Peter Hodgson SPARK: Rob Stewart SPARK: Gary Owen ART DEPT ASSIST: Paulina Rzeszowska ART DEPT ASSIST: Andy Curtin ART DEPT CONSTRUCTION: Samuel Michnik ART DEPT CONSTRUCTION: Ben Farley ART DEPT RUNNER: Arthur Harry SIGN DESIGN: Foxall Studio CHOREOGRAPER ASSIST: Sara Gordon DANCER 1: Naomi Weijand DANCER 2: Denzel Daniels COLOURIST: Alice Syrakvash c/o Nightshift Paris EDIT ASSIST: Pete Fullarton

Luke Bather - 2nd June 2016

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