David Knight - 28th Apr 2016

Following the money has been the subject of TV shows and documentaries, and now it's the theme of the absorbing video for South London singer Rukhsana Merrise's Mon£y. 

Shot in Brixton, Matthew Hopper's music video directing debut starts with Rukhsana writing on a £5 note, and then dropping it. Then we follow its journey, as it passes through several hands, and into the underworld. Each scenario gets its due - and there's a satisfying ending too.


"I really wanted to make a video that explored the theory of 6 degrees of separation via the movement of money between people. Developing this idea, I loved the notion of a narrative following a single £5 note as it is passed from character to character and used in progressively immoral and illicit ways.

"I had been sitting on this idea for a while and it was just a case of waiting for a relevant track to come along to bring the concept to life. Luckily it did. Rox's track had a great beat, a fresh sound and lyrics centred on money and greed which perfectly fit my idea. Performance in the form of busking meant I could start and end the narrative with Rox and bring the story full circle."

PRO Credits


DirectorMatthew Hopper
ProducerEmily Vincent
Production CompanyBlindeye Films
Executive ProducerJack Lightfoot
Director of PhotographyJames Westbrook
Focus PullerAlex Finlayson
Make-upLara Himpelmann
EditorBen Cowan
ColouristRollo Jones
Post production companyBlindeye Films
Lead actorKavern Batchelor, William Ludwig, Alexander Shenton, Jack Fontaine, Lucy Cates, Bradley Peter Scott, Paul Dewdney
Director's RepresentationBlindeye Films
LabelCommunion Records
Other creditsSpecial Thanks: Tina Teasdale

David Knight - 28th Apr 2016

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