David Knight - 14th Apr 2016

Chris Boyle has returned to music videos to create this power-packed saga in the span of four minutes - for British rock band Biffy Clyro's first single Wolves Of Winter, from their seventh album Ellipsis.

The 3D-animated visual journey is epic to say the least, taking us through time and space in at dizzying speed. In the span of one video we see a massive T-Rex hunting down a glitched-out wolf, through to bone-crushing scenes of medieval warfare, to World War fighter pilot shootouts, to a car chase which turns into a Star Wars-style mission.


"I'm always up for intergalactic shenanigans (with or without Matt Berry) and Biffy's colossal Wolves of Winter lured me back from the world of games and commercials to build a quaint, minimal tale about a psychedelic shape-shifting wolf that cannons from the beginning of time to the distant future. 

"It was an awesome opportunity to cram in a bunch of references from Jason and the Argonauts to Akira and Clockwork Orange as well as building my (Biffy's) own personal BATTLEMOON. It was animated at Private Island and was a metric tonne of fun to make. 

“This track is seriously big and called for a video to match. So we decided there was only one thing for it – a psychedelic shape-shifting journey of woman and wolf that blasts from the beginning of time to the distant future.”

PRO Credits


DirectorChris Boyle
ProducerHelen Power
Production CompanyPrivate Island
Lead AnimatorKieran Gee-Finch
CompositorPaul Gardner
Director's RepresentationLas Bandas Be Brave
CommissionerWilliam Nichols
Other creditsModeling: Martin Mcghee Additional Rigging: Simon Biggs

David Knight - 14th Apr 2016

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