Cat Velez - 30th Mar 2016

Scott Cudmore follows up his previous video for Harrison ft. Clairmont The Second's It’s Okay I Promise, with an equally inspired and original punk rock clip for Canadian alternative rock band Dilly Dally.

It's a special, tongue-in-cheek little video full of personality, and follows lead singer Katie Monks hanging out at her friend's studio. Heavily grunge in spirit, the singer's disillusioned groans are met with subtitled grumbling such as 'spent all my money last night,' 'weather still sucks outside' and 'music videos are bullshit.' It might have come off as one big stoner moan if it didn't feel so warmly familiar, humorous, honest and relatable. 


DirectorScott Cudmore

Cat Velez - 30th Mar 2016

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