David Knight - 17th Mar 2016

Olivier Groulx's talent for vivid, classically-influenced portraiture gets full scope in the video for Methyl Ethel's gloom-poppy Idée Fixe.

It's a dreamlike portrayal of what it's like to be an actress, opening in black-and-white, depicting a young starlet – played by Karis Dawson – in the paparazzi's line of fire. Then it bursts into rich colour and rushes from the movie that she is promoting on the premiere red carpet. 

Ultimately, the clip never wavers from focussing on the actress's relationship with the camera.


"I wanted the video to reflect what Jake [from Methyl Ethel] was into at the moment rather than interpret the song's cryptic lyrics. So we mostly talked about the books he was reading and movies he was watching, that sort of stuff. Somehow this idea of 'hiding in plain sight' became the crux of the video. That immediately made me think of being a woman and an actor – how what you do off camera is as much part of the job as what you do in front of it.

"It was a challenging project but our producers Meriah and Josh somehow made it all come together. They found a great crew – James and his team were amazing as was Redia Soltis our hair and makeup artist. They also helped me find the star of the video, Karis Dawson, and the oddest and most wonderful extras."


DirectorOlivier Groulx
ProducerMeriah Schultz
ProducerJosh Olson
Director of PhotographyJames Liston
HairRedia Soltis
EditorAnn Valley
ColouristYugi Torii
Lead actorKaris Dawson
Other creditsEXTRAS: Doug Emmott, Chris Gill, Bernard Houston, Kevin Sanders, Robin Selk, Emil Shevelev, Dakota Vegh

David Knight - 17th Mar 2016

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