Cat Velez - 12th Jan 2016

Daniel Brereton has directed this cultish vision for New York-based band Porches, which sees them lounging around in a mansion house, sometimes together - other times apart - but not entirely there at all.

Playing on the opposite meanings of the chorus 'I want to be apart/I want to be a part of it all,' the bandmates are shown isolated from each other but also united by the same lethargy, wearing matching black outfits and drinking bottled milk around a pot of fake flowers. The scene is constructed and fake rendered all the more expressive of a group which is stunted and filled with longing. 

PRO Credits


DirectorDaniel Brereton
Executive ProducerAlex Bedford
Executive ProducerBen Parkin
Line ProducerImogen Rigby
1st ADKerry Green
Production CompanyMonster@Dirty Films
RunnerJack Smith
Director of PhotographyRina Yang
Focus PullerKate Molins
2nd ACJonny Lewis
SteadicamEmilio Schlappi
GafferElliot Beach
ElectricianDaniel Ansell
ElectricianLeo Olesker
Art DirectorAmy Stickland
Art Department AssistantEsther Theaker
EditorDaniel Brereton
ColouristRussell Rowe

Cat Velez - 12th Jan 2016

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