Cat Velez - 12th Jan 2016

Ryan Staake has created the sleek, stately and, as it turns out, fittingly sombre promo for the vinyl release of Blackstar, David Bowie's final album. 

Staake's film reveals the detail of the black-on-black design of the Blackstar album cover - the only one of Bowie's albums not to feature his own image. An object of minimalist beauty that contains David Bowie's parting gift.


DirectorRyan Staake
Production CompanyPomp&Clout

ProducerKevin Staake

Director of PhotographyAndrew Pulaski
CommissionerBryan Younce
EditorAaron Vinton

1st ACGreg Wilson
2nd ACKevin Staake
GafferBrendan Bellomo
Key GripBrandon Taylor
Other creditsRobot Technician: John Blackford 
Color & VFX Touchups: Aaron Vinton & Ryan Staake

Cat Velez - 12th Jan 2016

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