Cat Velez - 20th Nov 2015

Director and interactive designer Asa Shumskas Tait has created this very entertaining (and somewhat bizarre) take on Shaun Hettinger aka Memoryy's futuristic pop single All My Love, as race-car drivers go head to head... with their own heads.

And Asa explained to Nylon that the concept of the racers driving their own heads was one of those happy accidents, while he was producing a game for PlayStation 3."The player-avatar scale went haywire and their faces intersected in crazy ways with the track," he says.  

After that he developed a narrative straight of Roger Corman's B-movie classic Death Race 2000, with added comic surrealism - and a nicely lo-fi yet fun VFX execution. 


DirectorAsa Shumskas Tait

Cat Velez - 20th Nov 2015

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