Cat Velez - 26th Oct 2015

Director Lope Serrano of CANADA has created this kinetic piece for Barcelona foursome Mujeres' Lose Control, from their album Marathon, released by record label CANADA Editorial (this is news to us!)

The resulting graphic clash of shape and colour magnifies the rock n' roll intensity of the track, making it occasionally hard to watch (and possibly not good for epileptics) yet bizarrely hypnotising. And conceptually follows similar lines to Serrano's wonderful video for Mujeres's track L.A.


"We played with one of the default shapes in Final Cut, a filter called Mask Shape, and we decided to play with two strong and antagonistic colours (and yet symbolically related) that created an interesting clash of colour even though we edited this song with austere materials.

"I think the song is amazing and illustrating the rhythm of it suggests classic rock and roll. Once we completed the model, the challenge was to put the group in the set, making it corporeal and to human scale, erasing wires and then... take fire!”

PRO Credits


ProducerLaura Serra Storch
ProducerAlba Barneda
Production CompanyCANADA
Executive ProducerOscar Romagosa
Production ManagerRita SabatÉ
1st ADLaura Ruiz
Director of PhotographyMiquel Prohens
Art DirectorDominique Aizpuruna
WardrobeCris Quer
Make-upNÚria SabatÉ
Post production companyÁlvaro Posadas
LabelCanada Editorial

Cat Velez - 26th Oct 2015

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