Cat Velez - 7th Oct 2015

Kinga Burza has dreamed up this picturesque video for Lana Del Rey's Music To Watch Boys To, with visuals that fit with the pop star's leisurely, dream-like aesthetic. The video exudes an unhurried sensuality, with shots of beautiful underwater lovers, slowmo b-ball and Lana lounging like an old movie star in a bygone world of classic cinema.

As the Burza describes below, the video was a true collaboration between artist and director, as Lana came to the project with visuals in mind, leaving Burza to "fill in the blanks," and put her own spin on Del Rey's initial vision. 


"Earlier this year I gave birth to my first baby and a few short months later, between burp cloths and milk-stained sheets of Mummy bliss, I received an unexpected invitation to break my so-called 'maternity leave' (which. let's face it, no one really takes seriously when you're freelance!).  It was a request from Semera Khan to chat to Lana Del Rey to work on her upcoming video - an offer I really couldn't refuse.

"This was obviously a long term career fantasy of mine - ever since I saw her self-released video of Video Games, and that tiny gig I saw her play at Nouveau Casino in Paris back in October in 2011. Of course I was not the only one!  She was on every director's dream list, and the videos she has since put out were always ones I admired wholeheartedly."

"Lana was also very involved right until the last moment with an eye that offers a lot of attention to detail, which I must say, was very admirable."

"So fast forward to a few years later, and with a baby on my breast I jump on a call. Lana is lovely, and I get excited that we share admiration for a lot of references. In one way she's open and mysterious but in another way she is very clear about she's envisioning.

"This is new to me. I'm so used to working with artists who often have no idea of what they want and need someone to fully take control of the reigns. But here I am, in a position which suddenly requires me to collaborate with an already existing series of particular images Lana had envisioned on certain lyrics and for certain set-ups of the track, but asked to fill in the blanks, put my spin on it plus make it make sense of it all - and fast! The label needed a treatment overnight because the video needed to be shot before Lana went on tour - meaning in like 10 days. 

"Next, Partizan actually put me, my baby and my husband (who luckily happened to be on holiday during my pre-pro) on a plane before sign-off, the timing was just too tight.  Not even five working days later we shoot the video -  I have great memories of spending my adrenaline-high weekend rummaging through craft supply stores for flowers for Lana's headphones and vintage flea markets for her costumes with her wardrobe stylist Johnny Blue Eyes.

"The shoot is a blur - with so much to do, so little time. But it's an enjoyable day nonetheless, thanks to Lana's British glam team who are a delight to work with, Rob Witt who lensed our cast beautifully and Alex Delgado who created the dreamiest set just as I had imagined it.

"Post-production was really relaxed- unlike the insane pre-pro, we had a lot of time to fiddle and try things out. So Julia Knight my editor, and the post house District Digital the may never want to work with me again! 

"Lana was also very involved right until the last moment with an eye that offers a lot of attention to detail, which I must say, was very admirable.   For someone who I imagine must be so busy with the everyday duties of being who she is, Lana has a lot of time for all aspects involving her artistry and the image she puts out."

PRO Credits


DirectorKinga Burza
Production CompanyPartizan Darkroom
Executive ProducerClaire Stubbs
ProducerDanyi Deats
Director of PhotographyRob Witt
Production designerAlex Delgado
Make-upPamela Cochrane
HairAnna Cofone
StylistJohnny Blue Eyes
EditorJulia Knight
ColouristDidier Le Fouest
Special ThanksSamuel Salle

Cat Velez - 7th Oct 2015

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