David Knight - 14th Sept 2015

So how would you react if your life suddenly became an action movie? In Ivana Bobic's fastmoving promo for indie rock outfit Nothing But Thieves' Wake Up Call, an average city worker finds his daily routine thrown out of kilter by being forced to play the lead character in his own blockbuster - and he doesn't like it one bit.

And as he's forced to repeat takes, throw himself into explosions and have dozens of stuntmen run after him, our reluctant hero's utter bewilderment quickly turns to frustration and anger. Lets face it, life's stressful enough as it is...


"This is about a man who’s everyday commute to work turns into a full-blown action film. His mundane routine is completely at odds with the slickness of the action world - pyrotechnics, stunt doubles, a surreal paper storm. It’s all the big Hollywood tropes set in the wrong place.

"His frustration builds and builds to boiling point. I worked with Ed Coleman (an amazing comic actor) to really wind him up. His face expressed so much in a split second we could just throw him into the stunts. The layers of reality got blurred on the shoot too - cast, crew, equipment were lurking in the background but we kept it all in. Even the pyro guy made it in to the cut. 

"I liked the idea of an unwilling protagonist, someone who is unaware of being the star and refuses to play along. It’s a daydream I’ve had so many times. Maybe everyone has?" 

PRO Credits


DirectorIvana Bobic
ProducerKatie Lambert
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
Production ManagerAnastasia Marshall
EditorJack Singer
ColouristHoumam Abdallah
Grading companyElectric Theatre Collective
VFXGlen @ Fourwalls
CommissionerDaniel Millar
LabelSony Music
Director of PhotographyTony C Miller
Director of PhotographyJames Rhodes
StylistNil Tomakan
Production designerNoam Piper

David Knight - 14th Sept 2015

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