Cat Velez - 14th Sept 2015

Alex Maxwell, the first artist to be signed to Disney Records in the UK, has released her first single Drive, a brooding, sexy track that has been paired with video by Tim Fox that's highly cinematic and stylised - partly animated - with an appropriate nod in terms of visual reference to the movie of the same name.


"Sometimes a video can be interpreted any number of ways from listening to the lyrics, but in this case it painted such a vivid image of some menacing drive filled with heartache, lust and passion. I imagined an unexplained drama, the consequences of a wild night tearing up the city. Fugitives on the run, or a romantic heist gone wrong.

"Coming from a design background, my concern was often focussed on framing, composition and use of negative space. Colour played an important role too - despite it being set at night. I wanted to accentuate colour wherever possible, using neon lighting and playful silhouetting. I suppose it's worth mentioning the obvious film reference, Nicolas Winding Refn "Drive" at this point.

"I left the narrative intentionally loose, not fully revealing whether Alex' character was real or a distant memory. It is not fully explained whether Dillon [the male character] is driving away, or towards something, or someone."


DirectorTim Fox
ProducerTom Mackay
Production CompanyMonument London
Production ManagerLewis Garrett
Director of PhotographyTom Wright
Focus PullerDavid Geli
GafferMathias Moka
WardrobeHolly Ounstead
HairRowhan Guest
Make-upRowhan Guest
EditorDan Peters
Post production companyMonument London
VFXTim Fox
Lead actorNahel Drici
LabelHollywood Records/ The Walt Disney Company
Other creditsRunner: Allie Lester

Cat Velez - 14th Sept 2015

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