Cat Velez - 19th Aug 2015

Nabil reunites with Foals, and tries his hand at interactivity with this visually impactful 360-degree video for the band's Mountain At My Gates.

It's a high-octane performance video which sees lead singer Yannis Philippakis multiplied as he navigates all over the screen. Storms, dogs, birds, brutalist buildings and jagged mountains create an epic backdrop to the starkly black and white video shot entirely on the GoPro Spherical system. 

Editor Gareth McEwen at Speade Editing reveals that putting the different elements of the video together was a very difficult but very rewarding process. "Cutting in 360 is a brain melting but utterly absorbing experience," he says. The possibilities it provides for editors, and for filmmakers as a whole are endless, and I could bore for Britain with my ‘imagine this, imagine that’ rants.

"Offline wise, you work with the image, ‘unwrapped’ in that the point on the far left and far right of the screen are the same point, behind you. Thus it’s a case of constantly bearing in mind that what’s happening at the side of the screen is just as important as what might appear in the middle. None of that ‘picture safe, title safe' malarky here.

"Nabil is a very clever director and he completely nailed it on the shoot. As well shooting some cracking static performances, he had Yannis' moving takes to lead the viewer’s eye. Plus some great texture shots with the birds, dog and the extras, not to mention the effects that would come in post. There wasn’t a pixel on screen that hadn’t been considered.

"Excellent fun, and very rewarding to edit. All I need now is an Occulus Rift headset so I can truly make the most of the full visual experience."

PRO Credits


Producer CompanyAcademy Films
ProducerLiz Kessler
Director of PhotographyBen Magahy
Art DirectorSamuel Waters
StylistEmma Savill
EditorGareth McEwen
Editing companySpeade
Post production companyGloria FX
Post ProducerMax Colt
Post production companyTomash Kuzmytskyi
VFX SupervisorRoman Billichenko
CommissionerJen Ivory
CommissionerSam Seager
LabelWarner Music
Other creditsSTITCHING : Jordan Miller & Mike Pfau @ Go Pro

Cat Velez - 19th Aug 2015

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