Cat Velez - 18th Aug 2015

A mysterious woman made up of analog TV noise is hunted by bazooka-lazer gun toting henchmen this otherwordly sci-fi action film turned love story for Nero's Two Minds, directed by Greg Jardin.

The woman travels easily in the high-tech world, which is covered in screens... but her time may just be up. That is, until she finds a lover from her past who merges with her through a true-love's-kiss. Talk about a unique, modern day love story...

Watch 'Nero 'Two Minds' by Greg Jardin' here


ProducerGaren Barsegian
ProducerJack Hogan
Executive ProducerJennifer Heath
Production CompanyRadical Media
CommissionerCaroline Clayton
Director of PhotographyRob Witt
StylistGillian Zwick
Casting directorKaren Ryan
EditorGreg Jardin
VFXGreg Jardin
Other creditsAdditional Animation: Abel Salazar

Cat Velez - 18th Aug 2015

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