Cat Velez - 28th July 2015

Crooked Cynics really pulled it out of the hat with this stunning video - masterfully shot by Charlie Goodger - which merges the bitterness, hope, and empowerment of London-based musician Rationale's track, Fuel To Fire.

A strong start to the video sees super-close up shot of the artist, with the camera zooming out revealing a bloodied, vulnerable man. The rest of the video plays out much the same, with his expressive and singular vocal performance belted out by an artist defiantly trying to overcome a dire situation. 


"We worked very closely with Rationale to explore the key themes in the lyrics. We then represented those through surreal imagery as metaphors to try and create an evocative and stylistic piece to match the quality of the track.

"The idea behind the video was for Rationale to go through a conceptual transformation ending with an image of hope. However this did mean putting him in some less than desirable situations; endless pints of paint being poured over him; lying on a cold studio floor for hours; and nearly burning him alive between pyro bars! What a trooper!"


DirectorCrooked Cynics
ProducerCrooked Cynics
Production CompanyCrossfire Productions
Director of PhotographyCharlie Goodger
Focus PullerKit Mackenzie
2nd ACBen Smith
GafferSasha Bajac
SparkAmy Rixon
Hair & Make-upKiri Mellalieu
DesignerJohn Konings
EditorCrooked Cynics
ColouristMark Meadows
Grading companySmoke & Mirrors
Director's RepresentationLock It In

Cat Velez - 28th July 2015

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