Cat Velez - 23rd July 2015

Edward John Drake's video for We Are The Ocean's Good For You is an ambitious work of musical theatre, captured in one flowing camera move which plays with the viewer's expectations, demands attention - and may well leave you wondering what the hell happened.

We're drawn in by WATO singer Liam Cromby stalking through a junk yard cum garage, before topless men slide open the gates for a Sixties car to pull in and the guys inside to free the blonde girl being held in the trunk. Violence follows - but the blonde certainly doesn't appear to be the victim...


"When We Are The Ocean sent through the track, I sensed we had an opportunity to do something we're desperately in need of: a chance to relax and have fun with a damn fine song. Above all we wanted to create a sense of chaos with Liam as our champion, effortlessly guiding us through an unknowable moment.

"What we’re seeing is the final act in an untold film or the first movie in a trilogy."


DirectorEdward John Drake
ProducerTim Lanham
Director of PhotographyJake Ures
Focus PullerDevin Karrington
Make-upKita Nahanni
EditorChad Sarahina
ColouristDavid Torcivia
Director's RepresentationHi Sarah Parks, Together We Could Have A Field Day With Puns For Your Name.
CommissionerFaye Purcell
LabelBmg Chrysalis
Other creditsShannon More O'Ferrall Benjamin Loeb Kyle @ The Herd

Cat Velez - 23rd July 2015

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