David Knight - 20th July 2015

The second episode of Ruthless Cuts, the BTS series produced by Cut+Run's Promos+Content division, has just launched on Promo News' YouTube channel. And in the new episode, Sophia Melvin talks to director Laurie Lynch and Cut+Run editor Chris Roebuck about the creative process behind the video for Oscar's Daffodil Days

Laurie (below, left) and Chris (right) talk about how they created a gritty drama about an epileptic boy (played by newcomer Joe Edwards) in a run-down English seaside town, his doomed love for a girl (Sabrina Bartlett) and the "ghostly, eerie presence" of Oscar himself in the video.

The discussion was shot at Jungle Studios in London, with photography by Jessica Flavin.

David Knight - 20th July 2015

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