David Knight - 15th July 2015

Chandler Levack and Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux's brilliant spin on a band-origin story for PUP's Guilt Trip - their second for the band, following the also-great vid for Reservoir - has been a slow-burning viral hit ever since its release a year ago. Both the band and the directors have gained deserved critical acclaim as a result, most recently with the video included in this year's Saatchi & Saatchi New Director's Showcase. So just how would they approach the long-awaited follow-up?

In fact, Chandler and Jeremy's video for Dark Days is both a sequel and distinctly different, encapsulated in its very first shot – it's the same as the final shot of Guilt Trip, the band's van driving away through sleet, but this time animated. What follows is an engrossing episodic account of the band's progress from when they entered that battered old van to today, told in cartoon form.

But this time all the stories in the video are true, apparently - and they certainly do spend a lot of time in that dear old van. "We got them drunk and made them tell us!" say Chandler and Jeremy. "The last PUP video we directed got us on Promo News' Top New Directors (2014) list and was also nominated for an UKMVA for Best Rock Video. It screened in BUG and was recently selected for this year's Saatchi & Saatchi New Director's Showcase at the Cannes Lions. So we wanted to follow it up with something different!" 

They have certainly done that, and whatever the truth of it, they've also achieved another fine document in myth-making - with the considerable assistance of Toronto-based Solis Animation. And it's hard to think of any video made at any time where the directors' love of the band comes shining through. All these guys totally rock.


DirectorChandler Levack
DirectorJeremy Schaulin-Rioux
ProducerMauricio Ruiz
Production CompanyMad Ruk Entertainment
AnimationSolis Animation
EditorJeremy Schaulin-Rioux
Director's RepresentationMad Ruk Entertainment, Ob Management, Reprobates
CommissionerAdam "bix" Berger
LabelRoyal Mountain Records, Side One Dummy Records

David Knight - 15th July 2015

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