Cat Velez - 1st July 2015

Colin Tilley has created one of the videos of the year for Kendrick Lamar's Alright, a landmark work for the summer of 2015. 

It's an epic, nearly seven-minute long piece, featuring the exceptional cinematographic eyes of two DoPs - Rob Witt and Corey Jennings – and thrillingly high energy shots involving street parties, burning cars and joyrides of reckless abandon. We are immersed into Kendrick Lamar's hyperreal world, which casts the city as a bitterly oppressive environment that leads its residents to a life of vice, hussle and the pursuit of hope. But despite that, Lamar supplies irrepressibly positive energy.

It begins with an intro exploring inner-city violence and subsequent police brutality, paired with his monologue shedding light on his past struggles with growing up in a ghetto, as well as his subsequent ethical struggles with becoming an influential figure. And the hopeful feeling Lamar is trying to capture is expressed in the exhilirating sequences where he's physically rising above the ground.

This device doubly serves as a visual expression of feeling uplifted, away from your past struggles as well as a (perhaps unconscious) Christian symbol, which has him rising in a saintly manner away from temptation and sin. Then comes the finale, culminating in the strongest form of Christian symbolism around: that of tragic martyrdom. 


DirectorColin Tilley
DirectorThe Little Homies
ProducerAndrew Lerios
Production CompanyLondon Alley
Executive ProducerLuga Podesta
Executive ProducerBrandon Bonfiglio
Director of PhotographyCorey Jennings
Director of PhotographyRob Witt
EditorVinnie Hobbs
ColouristTrevor Durtschi
CommissionerMark Bridges

Cat Velez - 1st July 2015

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