Cat Velez - 1st June 2015

Peaking interest with quite the captivating first sequence, In/Out (now a trio as Rina Yang has joined Thom Humphreys and Jean-Philippe Blunt in the collective) bid the viewer to work backwards in assigning meaning out of narrative bits, cut to the stirring confessional lyrics of Spector's track Bad Boyfriend.

Featuring an emotive performance from the bassist of the band Thomas Shickle, it follows a bitter, brainteasing story of betrayal, confirming that humans are, indeed, very complicated creatures...


"This is a surreal take on a series of events that happened to a friend of ours - namely infidelity, violence, trespassing and butt nudity.  In that order.

"Rather than telling the story in a totally straight manner we tried to get inside our mate's head, adding an air of paranoid surrealism. By housing the entire video in the floodlit stadium we wanted to elevate the role of the location - to function as a 'field of dreams' where insecurities and anxieties are played out in front of friends, who helplessly look on. 

"To further remove our protagonist from reality his entire choreography was performed backwards then reversed in post-production. Massive props to Tom and the crew for pulling through on the night in less than perfect weather conditions. Mind you, the wet down does look rather nice."

Watch 'Spector 'Bad Boyfriend' by In/Out' here

PRO Credits


Director of PhotographyRina Yang
ProducerJulia Frost
Executive ProducerNatalie Arnett
Production CompanyUntitled
1st ADAndrew Potter
ChoreographerAlex Reynolds
ColouristJoseph Bicknell
CommissionerCarrie Sutton

Cat Velez - 1st June 2015

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