Cat Velez - 7th May 2015

RIccardo Salvi has conjured up this humorous parody for drum & bass track WTF by Belzebass, with plenty of 80's hairstyles, kitch lycra, and overly-enthusiastic gym fanatics. They're certainly taking the raw food diet very seriously indeed - but things aren't quite what they initially seem...

PRO Credits


DirectorRiccardo Salvi
1st ADAlberto Falcone
Director of PhotographyMatthew Emvin Taylor
Focus PullerRichard Simkins
GafferRob Schears
HairVanessa Hider
Make-upVanessa Hider
EditorRiccardo Salvi
ColouristJoseph Bicknell
Lead actorOliver Williams, Donna Preston, Sophie Rankin, Riccardo Salvi
LabelTasty Records
Other creditsASS. PRODUCTION | Anna Sabino ASS. PRODUCTION. | Manuela Pereira ART ASSISTANT | Morotti Alessandro RUNNER | Teele Uustani

Cat Velez - 7th May 2015

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