Cat Velez - 24th Apr 2015

French directing duo Jack Antoine Charlot and Arnaud Delord paired up as JAKARNO for the first time with their wonderful promo for Tahiti Boy's Low Life – a series of moving magazine covers featuring an androgynous lipsynching rock star.

Now in the video for French band Baden Baden's Hivers (from their album Mille Éclairs) JAKARNO set up the bandmates as unmoving centerpieces in the middle of picture perfect, hyper-real scenes straight out of the advertising photography world. They do not engage with the world around them - which flashes on screen in a series of deceptive super close-ups that reveal their true theme in the revealing detailed wide shots.

And whether it's a holiday, Christmas celebrations or a Halloween party, they all slowly pass by leaving them in their solitude.


Production CompanyPassion Paris
Executive ProducerMarion Vermogen
Production CoordinatorMéline Samson
Director of PhotographyKaname Onoyama
Post production companyDigital District

Cat Velez - 24th Apr 2015

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