Cat Velez - 26th Mar 2015

Animator and music video director Marion Dupas specialises in edgy, lustful animations made up of allusions to religious folklore, western pop culture and colourful motifs and patterns from an eclectic range of sources. And in her music video for Chateau Marmont's Everybody Is Somebody, she has delivered a colourful, humorous and potentially controversial pastiche of Hindu iconography, wittily incorporating familiar symbols of modern culture, including all our digital age and automotive obsessions.

As Marion explains below, her intention was to make the video an hypnotic experience. She's certainly succeeded. 


"The video is a non-stop camera movement showing an ascent to Shambala's paradise.

"The main ideas was a representation of our daily western internet mythologies and divert religious symbols along with offbeat humor. We see internet's miniature symbols all day long and I wanted to sublimate these symbols.

"I aimed to desecrate and modernise religious symbols and sacred everyday objects. This is the reason why I replaced Shiva's sacred wheel with a car's tyre or the reason why I showed Hanuman doing weight lifting. I aimed to mix religious imagery with popular culture.

"I choose to represent an ascent to Shambala's paradise with fancy cars. I'm a huge fan of MTV's Pimp My Ride, even if I don't have my driving licence. I created the concept of esoteric tuning for this video, that's why I replaced stars with the Mercedes logo. Same process with the rims/milky way.

"I wanted the video to be hypnotic. In my opinion repetitions are hypnotic, and gifs are perfect to convey a universe."

PRO Credits


DirectorMarion Dupas
Production CompanyCaviar
Executive ProducerCeline Roubaud
AnimatorMarion Dupas
CompositorCamille Authouart
Other creditsAdditional Animation: Anaïs Caura et Camille Authouart

Cat Velez - 26th Mar 2015

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