Cat Velez - 17th Mar 2015

Disorientated time-traveller Benjamin Booker finds himself in the deep south during segregation-era America, in this short film featuring his songs Slow Coming and Wicked Waters, directed by James Lees. The piece packs a real punch through its depiction of the rampant police brutality and pervasive racism that was characteristic of the time. 

Masterfully crafted, the video employs each song as a backdrop to heighten the dramatic tension at different points in the narration. The opening sequence for Slow Coming, has Booker discovering and eventually becoming tangled up in a scene involving the death of a little girl at the hands of the police. A gap then follows between songs which delivers the full, silent blow of Booker's disbelief before his shock turns to anger for Wicked Waters.

James Lees has outdone himself with this powerful, well-crafted work using the past to focus on the pressing issues facing America today.

PRO Credits


DirectorJames Lees
Executive ProducerDanielle Hinde
ProducerDeclan Ryan
Production CompanyDoomsday Entertainment
Director of PhotographyJackson Hunt
EditorMichael Carter
Production designerJohn Richoux
Costume designerChristina Flannery
ColouristRicky Gausis
Sound designBrent Kiser
VFXJeff Desom
Make-upAmber Leonard
HairJessica Masters
HairRena Rheaves

Cat Velez - 17th Mar 2015

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