Cat Velez - 12th Mar 2015

Everything about this delightfully sleek and sexy promo for Hannah V's 'Version 2.0' is poppin'. The club setting, the vibrant nightlife colours, the repeat cuts, and of course, that irresistibly hip-hop beat that underpins the whole thing. Slowly but surely the viewer can even discern a secret narrative...

It's directed by a new directing duo: Sblood. That's Gareth Phillips and Simon Milner of Is Tropical - the band  for which Gareth has made several videos as a solo director. They have another new video, for Wolf Alice, in the works. And it already looks like a winning combination.


"When we heard the addictive popping beats we thought of repeating gif images. There has been a few great videos made with repeating images, the difference with our concept was that the sequencing images should reveal a different perspective on what is going on.

"We came up with the idea of using a club as a metaphor for the record industry where nothing is as it seems, and we filled it with freaks – mostly our friends. We got Hannah Logic on the styling, she got some awesome pieces sorted, when we saw the face mask thing we were like 'YES'.

"We get excited about neon colours and moody lighting, Sam our DoP did a great job on making the video look sick, and we were able to enhance the look with Oisin [O'Driscoll, the colourist] really making the images pop."


Production CompanyAsylum Films
ProducerPhil Vanier
1st ADLiam Lock
Director of PhotographySam Heasman
Art DirectorDale Slater
Hair & Make-upEmily Tongue
StylistHannah Logic
EditorPaul Moth
ColouristOisín O'Driscoll
CommissionerElizabeth Doonan
Director's RepresentationLock It In

Cat Velez - 12th Mar 2015

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