Jimmy Brown - 16th Dec 2014

Commissioned by Youtube, Vice and The Creators Project, Jake Nava delivers this utterly charming promo what he calls an 'epic choreography extravaganza' as a precursor to the 2015 Youtube Music Awards.

The video, soundtracked by SBTRKT's New Dorp and celebrating the growing importance of choreography in music videos, focuses on young couples engaging in teenage mating rituals through dance.


“They are dancing like their lives depend on it, with all the intensity and charisma of any teenager out to conquer their eyes’ desire.

“The importance of dance in global popular culture is growing all the time and YouTube has played an essential part in it. It has revolutionized dance, made it accessible to a widest global audience, allowing people around the world to share their passion, their unique knowledge, individual style and experience.”

PRO Credits


DirectorJake Nava
Production CompanyCherry Films
ProducerBen Cooper
Director's RepresentationAlexa Haywood at Free Agent UK

Jimmy Brown - 16th Dec 2014

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