David Knight - 11th Dec 2014

In Åsmund Hasli's impressive video for American-Norwegian electropop duo The Familiar's World Ends, a young teenage boy gets a tempting glimpse of adult life in his brief encounter with a young woman. But the distinctive urban environment is at least as important a character in the piece that's both photographed and directed by Hasli - the deserted modern architecture of Oslo becomes part of the boy, as well as around him. 

It's accomplished, seriously well-crafted work by a young cinematographer and director with a clear talent for image-making.     

"The video is inspired by a feeling I had as a teenager at which point I was longing for the freedom of adulthood. I think it's an essential stage in life where you start to despise beeing a child and you just want to move on, just waiting for something to happen. At the same time though the fears of being incomplete and not having the guts to walk the walk starts to twirl inside your head." 


DirectorÅsmund Hasli
Director of PhotographyÅsmund Hasli
EditorMargrete Vinnem
ProducerÅsmund Hasli
Production designerMirjam Veske
Camera AssistantKim Sletbach Groustra
ArtistThe Familiar
Other creditsCast: Michael Skretting & Kathrine Thorborg Johansen

David Knight - 11th Dec 2014

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