David Knight - 19th Nov 2014

Dizzee Rascal and Émile Sornin's amazing, stomach-churning horror movie for A Couple Of Stacks appeared at Halloween and promptly disappeared again - a bit like it banned itself.

So now, for Pagans, comes the second part of their amazing exploitation double-bill - the ninja movie. Dizzee is just as badass in this one, but in a different way: he's the ninja master, training a small army of warriors, and using his own telepathic powers to defeat the bad guy - doing some serious damage to a Buddhist temple in the process.

It's another brilliant production job by Division in Paris too, another marvellous collaboration between Dizzee and Émile. And we trust this baby will be sticking around... 

PRO Credits


DirectorÉmile Sornin
Production CompanyDivision
ProducerJules de Chateleux
Director's Rep (UK)Riff Raff Films
ProducerRoman Pichon Herrera
Line ProducerGuillaume Le Grontec
Director of PhotographyJulien Meurice
1st ADMarie Le Grevellec
Production designerFrancois Bourguet
EditorNicolas Larrouquere
VFX SupervisorThomas Van Maele
VFX ProducerGuillaume Marien
Post production companyMathematic
LabelDirtee Stank
CommissionerJohn Moule

David Knight - 19th Nov 2014

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