Jimmy Brown - 6th Nov 2014

A nerd takes a video crash course in table tennis in order to win the girl in Cry\\Wolf's humourous and sweet promo for Climbin' (Piano Weapon) by UK house funkster Shadow Child. Appearances can be very deceptive...


"A few months back we were shooting a promo in Barcelona and passed these spotlit outdoor ping pong tables where the Filipino community there would congregate en masse each evening. Among the players there were some really talented individuals hitting crazy trick shots and, under the spotlights, it all looked rather interesting. Maybe enough for a promo.

"The idea sat on the back burner for a while until we received the brief for Shadow Child's 'Climbin', a melodic house tune that demanded an uplifting approach to storytelling, a world away from our usual darker visuals. Referencing 80's cinema such as The Karate Kid, we follow a young nerd's rise to table tennis stardom inspired by a chance encounter with a lovely young lady and thus our ping-pong-rom-com was born.

"The promo was shot over a weekend on a shoestring budget with the help of London's biggest table tennis club Fusion, and features the wonderful comedy work of our lead actor Smari Gunn opposite the sparkling Gemita Samarra. Our DP Sam Heasman did a stellar job with the variety of locations and we must thank the rest of our crew for all their work on what was a tough but ultimately rewarding couple of days."


DirectorAnthony Bristol (aka Cry\\Wolf)
ProducerGhandi El Chamaa
Production AssistantRufus Pinkerton
Director of PhotographySam Heasman
1st ACJamie Mcinerney
DITLois Whittal
Art DirectorAlexander Dasilva
Make-upAnna Thomspon
StylistFlorence Chow
GafferDaniel Goodall
Director's RepresentationLock It In
CommissionerSemera Khan

Jimmy Brown - 6th Nov 2014

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