Jimmy Brown - 2nd Sept 2014

To partner the gorgeous and brutal electronica of Wolvves' White On White, Daniel Gomes delivers a stark series of cool and eye-catching images.

Shot in stark monochrome for added drama, the cutting-edge montage benefits from the simple and minimal staging, adding to the overall effect. Excellent. 


"It's not often you get sent a track that immediately lends itself to a barrage of visual ideas that all seem to instantly stick to beats in the music. The sound was primal, raw and visceral. Every image that came to mind was a poetic, beautiful take on a nightmare world coming to life.

"For me, each of the vignettes were like individual sounds from the music, astral projecting themselves into physical forms that manifest and are born into our existence. It's as if everything you see in this video happens every night after you go to sleep. What if a nightmare could follow you into real life? 

"Wolvves said White on White meant fresh, hip-hop, clean. So whilst the imagery was dark and nightmarish, I wanted to approach everything with a pristine aesthetic to contrast the conventions of horror with the crisp visuals.

"I spoke with Adam Newport-Berra, a very skillful DP whose work on a feature film completely drew me in, about the piece. We also consulted with Ben Cope, a truly talented fashion photographer, about the look and feel I was after. I showed them a whole onslaught of references that Wolvves and I had pulled together and that I had spent time finding ways to make it all mesh.

"We approached the video with a fashion photography influenced style and searched NYC for existing locations that felt a part of the surreal, symmetrical world we needed. Zuk, the editor and I played with the images and found their respective places in the video, the idea wasn't narrative, it was simply all about the feel of the waves and movements in the music".

Watch 'Wolvves 'White On White' by Daniel Gomes' here


DirectorDaniel Gomes
Production CompanyGood Company
Director of PhotographyAdam Newport-Berra
Executive ProducerRyan Heiferman
ProducerAmanda Schultz
Line ProducerStacey Thiel
Production designerBetil Dagdelen
StylistJoshua Liebman
HairMichael Duenas
Make-upAlex LaMarsh
1st ADOwen O'Leary
Creative ConsultantBen Cope
DITMatt Lowe
EditorAdam Zuk Zukerman
VFXDustin Bowser
Post SupervisorRalph Miccio
Director's RepresentationLock It In
Irish Hunger Memorial DesignBrian Tolle

Jimmy Brown - 2nd Sept 2014

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