Jimmy Brown - 30th July 2014

Piers Dennis and Charles Watson take a unique approach to making a promo for an established act in their video for The Pieces by Sheffield duo Slow Club. 

Piers and band member Charles follow Kiss tribute act Hotter Than Hell as they tour Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Northern Ireland, filming their make-up sessions and all that goes with the endless slog of being a working band out on the road...


"The film started as a unique idea Charles had - To capture the monotonous nature of touring by following a Kiss tribute band on the road. By the end of production a homemade pyrotechnic had gone off in my face, fake blood ruined a bass solo and "Hotter Than Hell" had spread the word of Kiss across the North of England. 

"We shot documentary style as we followed Hotter Than Hell on tour through Yorkshire and Derbyshire, then flew over to Belfast to film Marty ("Paul Stanley") at home.

"It was very weird to see such flamboyant outfits and showmanship set against such contrasting backdrops, and to witness the dedication fans have to imitate their heroes. Tribute bands operate in a strange, strange world and I wanted the film to capture that - this blurred line between reality and fantasy.

"Many thanks to the band for being so accommodating, and Charles for an inspired brief - it was an hilarious, fascinating and surreal shoot." 

PRO Credits


DirectorPiers Dennis
DirectorCharles Watson
Production CompanyGreatcoat Films
ProducerSimon Oxley
Lead actorHotter Than Hell (Kiss Tribute Band)
Special ThanksMarty "McStarchild” McStravick
Special ThanksRory "The Demon” Judge
Special ThanksPatrizio "SpacePat" Di Serafino
Special ThanksGlenn Gray

Jimmy Brown - 30th July 2014

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