Luke Tierney - 3rd July 2014

Monsters rule in Philippa Bloomfield's promo for Dignan Porch's Forever Unobscured. Home movie VHS shooting creates an tongue-in-cheek Bigfoot feel, as we head for a very lo-fi Godzilla-style showdown in the Sussex countryside. Our monster guys separated only (and rather ineffectually) by the band...


"The idea was to create a 90's VHS style video with deliberately low production values and 'bad sfx', where 2 different creatures go on an epic quest to find each other, featuring the band as the weird woodland-dwelling beings they encounter on the way."

PRO Credits


DirectorPhilippa Bloomfield
ColouristMike Prior
VFXMike Prior
Lead actorGeoffrey Glees
Lead actorRebekka Deighton
Production CompanyNTSH London
Director's RepresentationLas Bandas Be Brave

Luke Tierney - 3rd July 2014

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