David Knight - 22nd Apr 2014

Lasse Martinussen's video for Who Made Who's Dreams is a suitably surreal experience, with the song performed by bikini-wearing Marie-Lydie Nokouda, presiding over a family slowly drowning in a pool...

Who Made Who have a reputation for making some very drily witty music videos - perhaps none more so than the marvellous Keep Me In My Plane, and lead singer Høffding is certainly very pleased with this one.

"This is where pictures take music to the next level," Høffding says. "Dreams was a grand, bright, and positive track. Then Lasse comes with his fucked-up mind, and all of a sudden the song gets kind of psycho and scary. In a great way!"


"The song made me think about an exotic and powerful woman in bikini perfectly singing along to the track, while a horrific dream were taking place."

Watch 'Who Made Who 'Dreams' by Lasse Martinussen' here


DirectorLasse Martinussen
Production CompanySpoiled Productions
Executive ProducerKanya Natasja Rørbech
ProducerPernille Høier
ProducerMaria Meyenburg
Production ManagerMarisól Ortiz
Production ManagerMaria Louise Ottesen
Director of PhotographySebastian Winterø
1st ADNiels Christan Linde
Underwater Camera OpJesper Kikkenborg
Focus PullerAske Løkken
GafferCasper Bülow
GafferMartin Riello
LightingMiki Schack Mikkelsen
StylistStephanie Loa
StylistSara Maj Karlson
Make-upMette Munch
Production designerSigne Möller
EditorPeter Brandt
Assistant EditorMette Weber
ColouristHannibal Lang
Director's Rep (UK)Paul McKee
Director's RepresentationPaul McKee at LOOSE JOINTS
Lead actorMarie-Lydie Nokouda
Other creditsAlso starring: Annika Witt, Anna Bergentina, Christian Gade Bjerrum, Amia Miang, Olivia Petri, Sebastian Saxton, Dan Billeskov, Josefine Feit, Mats ödman, Illa Epsen, Susanne Solberg, Daniella HansenRunners: Lackland Forbes and Anna Bruun Nørager Casting: Art Cast & Spoiled Productions Thanks: Red Rental, Filmgear, Art Cast Only Rental, Øbrosvømmehal og Karin Falcks køkken

David Knight - 22nd Apr 2014

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