David Knight - 1st Apr 2014

Using images from vintage science journals, encyclopedias and magazines, Ewan Jones Morris has created an delightful video for Fanfarlo's Cell Song (from the band's Let's Go Extinct album) in what is becoming a signature animation style.

"Fanfarlo saw the last paper collage vid I did for Pinkunoizu's I Chi and asked if they could have something similar, and I obliged," says Ewan, who is currently embroiled in finishing a new art film with regular directing partner Casey Raymond.

Unlike in his I Chi video, Ewan incorporated band performance elements in the animation. Everything was printed out on paper "to make it look cool." It's excellent - and hats off to Ben Ewart-Dean to manfully printing of every frame and book illustration...


DirectorEwan Jones Morris
AnimatorEwan Jones Morris
Other creditsPrinter Operation: Ben Ewart-Dean

David Knight - 1st Apr 2014

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