David Knight - 25th Feb 2014

James Slater took the songtitle to heart in his latest video for Kaiser Chiefs. The promo for Coming Home was shot in the Yorkshire Dales, not far from the band's hometown - and his own.

But the location also suits an idea that makes the most of frontman Ricky Wilson's quality as a performer, embraces the band's laddish humour, and adds a welcome measure of theatricality to the whole affair. 

And as James says, it required a star turn from Ricky, but has paid off handsomely. And the Yorkshire Dales look gorgeous. Well, nearly...

James Slater: "We shot the video in a jovially named place called Blubberhouses which is right on the southern cusp of the Yorkshire Dales, and not too far from where I'm from. Its also just up the road from where the band hail. I think we all just hankered after a bit of home cooking.

"I've never shot in Yorkshire before, I should do it more often. The landscapes are great and as soon as DOP Jonathan Isles put the anamorphic lens on, it looked like a Western setting (if you ignore the rain, the wind, the grey skies and the lack of desert and Cacti).

"The strip of land we shot on leant itself well to the one shot idea and thanks to the fantastic cast, crew (who all seemed to know each other from Heartbeat) and a really strong performance from Ricky, we had the take we needed after about ten attempts.

"That meant back home for tea at Mum and Dads. Shoot in Yorkshire folks!" 

PRO Credits


DirectorJames Slater
ProducerHarvey Ascott
Production CompanyMy Accomplice
Executive ProducerJamie Clark
1st ADNeil Shand
2nd ADNicola Dooling
Director of PhotographyJonathan Isles
Focus PullerHeather Crompton
2nd ACBorja Berrosteguieta
GripKev Marchant
DITRoss Neil
Make-upNatasha Lawes
Make-upCyrielle Pailloux
WardrobeTerry Herfield
Art DirectorHannah Sibai
Art DepartmentSarah Boustead
Art DepartmentGeorgina Mack
ColouristToby Tomkins
Colour grade companyTJTFilm
Director's RepresentationLas Bandas Be Brave
LabelUniversal Fiction
CommissionerSemera Khan
Other creditsRunners: Hollie Ibson, Amy Bissell, Amy Dixon, Georgia Dalton

David Knight - 25th Feb 2014

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