Jimmy Brown - 7th Oct 2013

Prano Bailey-Bond employs yards of multi-coloured fabric to emphasis the dreamy and floating nature of Morcheeba's Gimme Your Love, placing singer Skye cente-stage with some tasteful art direction from Nicola Diettman. 


"Morcheeba's music kind of makes you want to dive into their velvet sounds - so I wanted to create visuals that would make you want to dive into the screen too. I was really driving for luscious, colourful images and a growing synchronicity across the design.

"Styling, cinematography, production design, make up & colour grade have all been so intertwined and I've aimed for the overall palette, rhythm and movement to really echo the music. Working with the band has been a total dream - Skye is such a fantastic performer and really down-to-earth. It's been a beautiful project to work on all round".


DirectorPrano Bailey-Bond
Production CompanyGas&Electric
ProducerMatt Klemera
EditorPrano Bailey-Bond
Director of PhotographyAnnika Summerson
Focus PullerJames Hills
Director's RepresentationYi London
1st ADTom Allan
Production designerNicola Dietmann
PropsGary Hitchcock
StylistMinnie Attala
HairViktoria Toth
CommissionerBen Bishop
Special ThanksLoft Studios
Special ThanksPixipixel
Special ThanksTake 2 Films
Special ThanksBelow Stairs Of Hungerford

Jimmy Brown - 7th Oct 2013

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