David Knight - 17th Sept 2013

A local crime lord goes on a spending spree in a South London Market in Fred Rowson's very watchable guerilla-style vid for Marshall F's Money Waster.

He just happens to be more of a rug, old school phone and pot plant-buying sort of crime lord...

Fred Rowson: "The idea was to do a tongue-in-cheek version of one of those scenes in classic gangster movies where the criminal (whether it's Ray Liotta in Goodfellas or Al Pacino in Scarface) has just made all his money and splurges it on needless - and often tasteless - rubbish. We shot it on the Walworth Road, where a lot of the furniture shops feature ridiculously overpriced, tacky beds and lampshades, which seemed like the kind of thing you might get in a drug lord's mansion in 1980s Miami. 

"As you can probably guess it was quite a guerilla shoot, with an incredible supporting cast, comprising of the entirety of East Street Market. So I've got to give a mention to DoP Brian Fawcett and production designer Anna Mould, who managed to sort of melt into the background, and give the whole thing a very un-forced, documentary look.

"A bit of interesting trivia: when we turned up at the launderette, the old woman who owned it was delighted to tell us that it wasn't long ago that she'd had a Black Keys video shot in there - just going to show the ever-shrinking circles in which we work." 


DirectorFred Rowson
ProducerKatie Dolan
EditorRyan Beck
Director of PhotographyBrian Fawcett
Production Company4am Films
Art DirectorAnna Mould
Lead actorChristopher Jenner Cole
CommissionerCaroline Clayton
ColouristJack McGinity
LabelBlack Butter Records
Editing companyFinal Cut
Executive ProducerCorin Taylor
1st ADTom Lovett
2nd ADCharlie Galustian

David Knight - 17th Sept 2013

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