David Knight - 11th Sept 2013

New artist Lucy Spraggan's song Mountains is about striving to achieve one's dreams, however difficult - which inspires a lighthearted yet effective and touching approach from director Michael Baldwin.

The ambitions of several young people are represented by unfeasibly large objects - like a boy's guitar, far too big to carry easily. And these are all real objects - created by propmakers Plunge.  

Michael Baldwin: "I've been told that my ideas are too big for the budgets these days. In this case thinking big was the only thing to do. Without the propmakers, Plunge, working miracles to get the giant props made in time, this video would not have happened."


DirectorMichael Baldwin
Production CompanyGas&Electric
ProducerBen Mealing
Director of PhotographyDarran Bragg
EditorMichael Baldwin
ColouristJulien Biard
Grading companyFinish
Director's RepresentationY-i London
CommissionerDan Millar
LabelSony Music

David Knight - 11th Sept 2013

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