Jimmy Brown - 28th Aug 2013

Drawing inspiration from movies such as Labyrinth, Dark Crystal amd Easy Rider, Ross S Anderson utilises traditional puppetry to create the retro feel in this charming promo for Them Things' O Brother.

The road movie centres on a small hitchhiking goblin who is lost and needing assistance to find his way home. Them Things pick him up in a beautiful 1969 Mustang, who help him search for his 'magical gateway home', becoming best of friends along the way...


DirectorRoss S Anderson
Production CompanyJ6 Films
ProducerJames Baxter
Director of PhotographyRoss S Anderson
EditorRoss S Anderson
VFXRoss S Anderson
ColouristRoss S Anderson
PuppeteerCaitlin Lumley
Production AssistantHarry Jenkinson
Production AssistantAida Balafkan
Production AssistantIan J Robinson
SoundRoss S Anderson
SoundCaitlin Lumley

Jimmy Brown - 28th Aug 2013

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