Davis Silis - 5th Aug 2013

For another dispatch from the burgeoning Canadian music video scene, Montreal-based director Angus Borsos delivers a bewitching video for fellow-Montreal art-rockers Braids.

'In Kind' is like a contemplative journey to visual abstraction. Over the course of seven and a half minutes, it melts between an obscure interpretation of nature and something along the lines of de Kooning or Hans Hofmann brought to life on film. Lead singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston occasionally makes an a appearance, standing in a large body of water while precisely photographed images temporally flow around her.

It's a piece of work that could just as comfortably sit next to a film like Koyaanisqatsi or offer a refreshing palette cleanser from whatever candy-coated pop video happens to get pushed in front of you when you next make a trip to Vevo.


DirectorAngus Borsos
ProducerMax Walker
Director of PhotographyAngus Borsos
1st ACCharlie Renier
EditorHelium Castle Pictures

Davis Silis - 5th Aug 2013

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