David Knight - 23rd July 2013

On the face of it, the video for Valentine's Day is the most conventional of all those that have emerged from David Bowie's triumphant return with The Next Day – it's a performance video, directed by high profile fashion and celebrity photographers turned directors Indrani and Markus Klinko.

But the video is actually a fairly unsettling experience, thanks to Bowie's performance of heightened intensity about the song's subject, a mall mass murderer. And it's also down to the famous colour difference of David's eyes, which is more noticeable here than ever...


"David's done sensationalist videos with big stars, so with this song about a mall mass murderer, David wanted subtlety. Instead of exploiting the massacre, I channeled the inner turmoil of this complex character's troubled state of mind, and focused on bringing out Bowie's most powerful performance."

PRO Credits


DirectorMarkus Klinko
Production CompanyGood Company
Production CompanyDouble Exposure Studios
ProducerJonathan Lia
Production designerGK Reid
EditorGary Knight
Editing companyCut+Run
Post production companyDouble Exposure Studios
Post production companyThe Mill
Other creditsExecutive Producers: Indrani, GK Reid, Markus Klinko

David Knight - 23rd July 2013

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