Promonews - 30th May 2013

Joseph Giffard Tutt’s charming and atmospheric promo for Goldheart Assembly’s ballad Billy In The Lowground, gives the chance for a bunch of cool kids to channel their inner rock star, and what little stars they are.

“The band came to me with the idea of using kids in the video. I thought this was an inspired choice, but I wanted to match the dark undertones of the song with this in some way” explains Joseph. “To me, the lyrics spoke about the kind of angst that any creative comes up against when trying to get recognition for their work in a world that’s a bit cynical and over-crowded.

“I wanted to take this theme back to the world of the kids; what originally drove them to want to become musicians or “rock stars”. The meeting of a version of the bands past and present selves would add another dimension to the lyrics and possibly a strange kind of clarity.

“The whole park scene is about finding fans, by almost bullying them into submission. Bands have to be so persistent, and it’s become the artists responsibility to keep all this up with social media and whatnot – whereas maybe in the past the artist would just do the job of making the material.

“The edit that went out originally was devoid of any shots of the real band. In this director’s cut the band feature at the end, to give that jarring reminder of who the song is by and what these kids have become.

“Many thanks to all the kids in the film. They were all much easier to work with than adults!”

PRO Credits


DirectorJoseph Giffard Tutt
ProducerJoseph Giffard Tutt
EditorLeila Gaabi
Director of PhotographyJack Taylor
1st ADRebecca Helen Page

Promonews - 30th May 2013

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