Promonews - 30th Apr 2013

Coasts second single from their soon to be released EP ‘Paradise’, brings together again; director Duncan Roe and DP John Miguel King.

“We were going for something epic but intimate for this one,” explains Duncan. “We didn’t know exactly what the high frame rate strobe shots were going to come out like, because of the rolling shutter on the MX. But I knew they would look a little fucked, and fucked can be a good thing sometimes…”

PRO Credits


DirectorDuncan Roe
Production CompanyKode Media
Director of PhotographyJohn Miguel King
ProducerJack Goodwin
Camera operatorJosh Richards
Camera operatorDuncan Trevithick
LightingEd Riley
GafferMatthew Riley
SparkSedge Wick
GripMatt Fleming
RunnerJamie Whysfam
EditorTim Hawkins
Director's RepresentationAlex Harman for Kode Media
Special ThanksUK Film Location
Special ThanksShoot Blue

Promonews - 30th Apr 2013

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